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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care



“Lets explore our world!” - we kick started our new term with a visit from Jimmy the explorer who spoke to the children all about his trip to Antarctica. Following our visit, the children have been exploring our new role play area and have been using our reading area to find out more about Antarctica.

Antarctica Activities: ordering Penguins to create an Arctic Scene, creating pic collages to represent the ice bergs melting due to Global Warming, building igloos for the Inuits, measuring Polar Bears in the Maths Area and using oil pastels to recreate Polar Bear Artwork.

The Rainbow Fish: Foundation are reading the story for the Rainbow Fish whilst exploring Under the Sea.

Foundation are Diving Under the Sea for our next Explorers Adventure! We have taken part in lots of Arts and Craft Activities to create our new entrance into Foundation, explored the Role Play Area and used our Thinking Frames to find out from the children what they would like to learn about and discover whilst diving under the sea?