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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care



Spring 1- Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Spring 2- Harry Potter


Our main topic for Spring 1 is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, please see the pdf file below that outlines the coverage of Foundation Subjects. After our residential, we will be starting our Harry Potter topic. 



Our text will be Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton. We will be learning about Viking myths and legends and then writing our own. We will the be writing recounts after our residential in Spring 2.



Maths will be taught discretely. We will be looking at division and then moving onto fractions.



Science will be taught discretely. The topic this terms is Space! 



Our Spanish topic for this term links to our science topic. We will be learning the names of the planets in Spanish as well as how to say some interesting facts about the planets. 



23.3.22- DT- Wands

As part of our Harry Potter Topic, we have been using our design technology skills to create our own wands and wand storage bags. We have looked at the design process, practised skills such as using a saw and sewing before designing our own. 

14.3.22- English- Writing

We have written some brilliant recounts of our residential and thank you letters to the staff at Robinwood. Read some of them below! 

7.3.22- Robinwod 2022

We had an amazing time on our residential to Robinwood, Cross Lanes Activity Centre. We faced lots of challenges and overcame this through perseverance and team work! It was great to see everyone supporting and helping each other on the different activities. Here is just a few pictures of what we got up to, there's more in the Gallery. 

17.2.22- International Day of Languages

Today we celebrated International Day of Languages. We looked at a Snapshot of Spain and recapped our Spanish counting knowledge. In the afternoon, we became the teachers! We visited Year 1 and 2 and taught them some simple Spanish. 

9.2.22- Maths- Fraction Walls

as part of our work on fractions, we have created fraction walls to help us understand the relationship between different fractions. We then used them to find equivalent fractions! 

28.1.22- Viking Longship Figureheads 

using clay, we designed figureheads for Viking longships. We made sure they were fierce to scare away the enemy! 

3.2.22- History- Viking Mythology

Today, we learnt about Viking Gods and Goddesses and created Top Trump style cards about them! 

3.2.22- Maths- What is a Fraction?

We started out unit on fractions today! We looked at different representations of fractions and key vocabulary. 

21.1.22- History- Viking Life

We have been finding out about Viking life! Using books and the internet to research, we found out about different aspects of life including diet, clothing and education. 

14.1.22- History- Viking Timeline

We researched and ordered key events in Viking history and created a timeline to show what we found out!

24.1.22- English- Poetry

We used expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to create poetry inspired by what you might read about in a Norse Myth!

12.1.22- Forest School Fun!

11.1.22- Science: Movement of the Earth and Moon

Today we created models to show how the Earth orbits a round the Sun and the Moon’s movement round the Earth. We created human simulations first! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Spring Topic 1- Aspirations! 


For the first week back, we will be looking at aspirations. We will be learning about different careers, what you need to do to get there and how to reflect on our own skills and strengths. We will also be setting ourself some short and long term goals and looking at the steps we need to take to achieve them. 

We had a brilliant first we back at school! We looked at our strengths and skills that how they might come in useful in the future. We researched different jobs that looked interesting to use. 

As part of our No Outsiders curriculum, we read the story of Rose Blanche and looked at the cause and effect of her actions. We then wrote letters as if we were Rose to a friend to explain what she had done. Then we created some No Outsiders inspired artwork.