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Elworth Hall Primary School

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Amazing Americas!

Our first topic this term is all about North and South America! We will be looking at different geographical features found across the two continents, naming and locating some of the major cities and much more. Our text for this half term is The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy.


Year 5 have identified what they would like to learn about and this has been used to inform learning as much as possible. Have a look at our topic plans below! 

Elf Run!

We took part in the Elf Run for St Luke’s! 

RE- 15.11.21


We looked at the Christmas Story and then created Christmas decorations that show part of the story. 

Geography- Christmas Round the World- 14.12.21


We looked at different Christmas traditions around the world. We researched each tradition and located the countries on a world map. It was great to see how our world geography knowledge had developed since the beginning of term! We were all more confident at using an atlas and could find some countries with the atlas at all! 

Drawing Famous North America Landmarks- 24.11.21


After locating them on a map, we used 'How to Draw' videos to draw some of the famous landmarks from North America. 

PHSE- Food Waste


As part of maths week, we looked at the percentages of food waste in different places. We the created posters to explain why people should reduce their food wastage. 

Remembrance Day Poetry


We read the story 'Where the Poppies Grow' and thought about why we have remembrance day. We then wrote poems about what remembrance means to us and created art work as a background. 

4.11.21- DT: empanadas


During maths week, we make empanadas! Empanadas are a traditional South American food. We brought the ingredients from the class shop. Measured them carefully, followed a recipe and set the temperature of the oven. We had a choice of fillings and really enjoyed making them! 

Geography- Rio de Janeiro


We have been researching the human and physical features of Rio de Janeiro. We presented our information in our books. 

Geography- 8.10.21


Year 5 have been learning to name and locate the continents and oceans of the world. We tested our knowledge by completing a World Map Jigsaw! 

Maths- Roman Numerals- 28.9.21


We have been learning about Roman numerals! We used lollipop stick to make different numbers and looked at how their place value system is different to the one we use today. 

Science/Computing- 23.9.21


We have been looking at the life cycle of flowering planets and the part insects play in the process of pollination. We learnt about the life cycle and then used the Lego WeDo kits to make flowers and a bee! We then coded the bee to stop at the flower using the motion sensor 🐝

Look at our code!

Still image for this video

Metacognition- 17.9.21


As part of our learning about metacognition, we are learning to juggle! We’re thinking out how to learn a new skill, what helps us learn and what happens when we make a mistake. We will keep practising this half term to see how we can improve! 

Science- 16.9.21

Our science topic this term is all about living things. We started our topic by looking at the parts of a flower. We dissected flowers and then draw scientific illustrations. Have a look at some of our fantastic art work!