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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care



Summer 1- The Terrible Tudors


Our topic for the Summer Term is The Terrible Tudors. We will be looking at what life was like in Tudor times, how the different Monarchs had an impact on the country and much more! 



Our text will be The Paperbag Prince by Colin Thompson. This wonderful picture book looks at the impact of humans on the environment and wildlife that lives there. 



Maths will be taught discretely. We will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and the moving on to shape, space and measure.



Science will be taught discretely. The topic this terms is Properties and Changes of Materials! 



Our Spanish topic for this term links to our history topic- The Tudors. We will be learning to listen to extended pieces of spoken Spanish and how to describe someone in Spanish. 



Activity Week- Day 2

Activity Week- Day 2

Trip to Nantwich Museum- 

We had a brilliant day at Nantwich museum! We learnt lots of interesting things, tried writing with a quill and went on a walking tour of the town. 

Reading- Book Talk

As part of our Reading Project, today we had a book talk cafe! We got all the books off our shelves and covered the tables with them. We then spent time discussing our favourite books, author , characters and much more! 

History- Why is Henry VIII so famous? 

We have learnt all about horrible Henry VIII! Did you know he executed over 70,000 people during his reign! We researched his 6 wives and create a fact file page about them. 

Science- Investigating water resistance 

We created shapes out of plasticine to see which were the most streamline! 

History- Who were the Tudors?

Today we learnt lots of interesting facts about the Tudors! We looked at when the Tudor period was within the wider history of Britain and then created Top Trump style cards about each Tudor Monarch.