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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care



What School Governors Do:

The Local Governing Board at Elworth Hall Primary School works very hard to ensure that everyone associated with the school is provided with every opportunity to develop and grow in a secure and safe environment. We do this by ensuring that members of the Governing Board can bring broad, different skills and expertise to the role. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Governors on an annual basis or when needed. 

A Governor is there to:

  • Provide a strategic view - help to set and maintain the broad framework within which the Head Teacher and the staff should run the school
  • Act as a critical friend - provide the Head Teacher with support and offer advice and information but also to provide some challenge. The governing body is there to monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness and governors should therefore be prepared to ask challenging questions
  • To ensure accountability - the Head Teacher and staff report to the governing body on the school’s performance. In turn the governing body is accountable to all stakeholders on the school’s overall performance


Types of Governor at Elworth Hall Primary School:

  • Parent Governors - parents or carers elected by other parents or carers with children at the School or, on occasion, appointed by the governing body;
  • Staff Governors - the Head Teacher and staff members elected by teaching and support Staff;
  • Community and Co-Opted Governors - individuals chosen by governors from the local area who represent community interests;
  • Associate Members - a discretionary category appointed by the governing body from individuals who may be able to make specific contributions, but who is not a governor and has no vote at full governing body meetings but may have limited voting rights at committee level.


Committee Structure at Elworth Hall Primary School:

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets six times each year, half termly and separate Personnel Committee meetings are convened as and when required.  The local governing board can delegate many of its functions to: a sub-committee, an individual governor, or to the headteacher where and when necessary. The governing board, however, always remains accountable for any decisions taken including those delegated to a committee or an individual. 


If you are interested in joining our Governing Board or would like more information, please contact our Chair of Governors - Mrs Kelly Johnston by email:

Meeting Dates 2023-2024

Tues 17 October16:3018:30Elworth Hall Primary SchoolFGB Meeting
Wed 6 December16:3018:30 FGB meeting
Tues 13 February16:3018:30 FGB Meeting
Tues 26 March16:3018:30 FGB Meeting
Tues 7 May16:3018:00 FGB Meeting
Wed 26 June16:3018:30 FGB Meeting


Committee Members 2022 - 2023

Governor NamesCapacity
Mrs Emma Clark Head Teacher
Miss Samantha BaconStaff
Mrs Kim Edge Parent
Mrs Kelly Johnston Chair FGB & Pay CommitteeParent
Mrs Vivienne Mees     Co-Opted
Mr Richard BirchenoughCo-Opted
Mr Nick KeeganCo-Opted
Mrs Gill MerryCo-Opted
Mr Simon NewellCo-Opted