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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care



Our topic during this term is Victorians. 


English we will be exploring the text The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward. We will be writing a story based upon the text. The story is about a lonely boy with a passion for dragons, shows the power of the imagination to free the spirit, and highlights the importance of friendship.


Maths will be taught discretely, learning about addition and subtraction. We will also continue practising counting in steps of two, three, five and ten. 


Science will be taught discretely, we will be learning about plants. We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. We will also find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. We will also continue to explore the importance of having good hygiene. 


PHSE will be taught discretely. We will focus on understanding tolerance of different people and diversity (race, religion, disability, sex) which will be explored through our No Outsiders project work. 


Religious Education will be taught discretely in which we will explore the artefacts and features within a church, why the Bible is important to Christians and exploring different things that a Church Leader or Minister may do. 

The Dragon Machine

MTP The Victorians

Physical Education 

In P.E we have been playing tag rugby. We have been practising our catching and throwing skills and evasive running to score tries. 


As part of our science, we have began a science investigation with the focus question being, True or False? Plants only need sunlight and water to grow?
We had a fantastic discussion and all of the children shared with their partners their reasons why they thought it was true or false. We then recorded our ideas and came up with some ideas as to how to are going to find out if it is true or false. 


We have been learning what an algorithm is. Together, we explored different ways of following step by step instructions in order to get a task done for example, getting dressed.  Then we discussed how important it is that the instructions are simple. We have been programming beebots to get from one place to another and recorded the algorithm on our whiteboards. Next, we will be exploring more complex algorithms and predict the outcome of them. 

Story Time

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Year 2 love sharing their favourite stories from home by reading them to the class, especially in the sunshine!

Story Time

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History Mystery
We have been exploring a range of interesting Victorian objects and learning about what they are. We also did some observational drawings of them too. 


In English, we have been exploring new vocabulary to include in our writing about The Dragon Machine. We’ve explored how George would need to use pulleys, leavers, cogs, wheels, ladders and nails to build his magnificent dragon machine! 

World Book Day

As part of our celebration of World Book Day, we had a special visitor come to our school. We met Matt Buckingham, who is the fantastic author and illustrator of The Bright Stanley collection and much more! He shared with us some of his amazing stories, taught us how a character can begin from a simple scribble and shared with us some wonderful illustrations. 

Matt Buckingham sharing stories with KS1

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In science, we have been exploring the importance of having good hygiene. We shared our own thoughts and ideas during circle time and then wrote down our own reasons. We also played hygiene bingo, eye spy and played a being healthy game. 

Story time 

Year 2 love listening to each other sharing their favourite books from home during story time. Listen to our wonderful readers! 

Story time in Year 2

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Story time in Year 2

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Story time in Year 2

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