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Elworth Hall Primary School

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Who were the Mayans? Project Spring 2022


Our topic during Spring Term 2 is Who were the Mayans?

Please see the pdf below.

India Project Spring 2022

Our topic during Spring Term 1 is India.

Please see the pdf below.


English we shall be studying the text 'Can we save the Tiger?' by Martin Jenkins to develop our writing of non-fiction texts. We shall be writing a report about an endangered Indian animal.


Maths will be taught discretely, learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. However, we will find out about Indian currency and learn about foreign exchange rates. 


Science will be taught discretely, our topic will be Evolution and Inheritance. We will explore how living things have evolved over time and learning about offspring from both animals and humans. We will also explore how animals have adapted to their environments over time. 


PHSE will be taught discretely, we will be learning about drug-use and impact this has on our mental and physical health. We will also be learning about discrimination and the challenges of racism through our No Outsiders Project work. 


RE will form part of our project as we will be studying Hinduism. We will learn about who and where Hindu's worship and religious symbols associated with Hinduism. We will also learn about reincarnation and 'Karma' and finding out about the festivals of Diwali and Holi.