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Elworth Hall Primary School

Every child achieves because we care


Fairy Tales

We began the school year with one of the childrens favourite topics...... "Fairy Tales". We made Gingerbread Men in the morning for maths, looking at the ingredients and weighing them out like the Little Old Woman from the story. HOWEVER, whilst we were at lunch, someone or something made a mess in our classroom. There was flour everywhere and foot prints leading out of the classroom and OUR GINGERBREAD MEN WERE MISSING!


We checked the CCTV (teacher magic video) of Gingerbread Men coming into our classroom and taking our Gingerbread Men. So we all made a Wanted posted to describe what these Gingerbread Men looked like and went on a Gingerbread Man Hunt around school to see if we could find them.


Back in the classroom, we discovered that each of the Gingerbread Men we found on our Hunt had a letter marked on them. When we put the Gingerbread Men together it read "Dear Foundation Class, can we be friends?". Afterwards, we created a "Story Walk" of the Gingerbread Man story, using language such as "At the beginning, next, and then, in the middle, and at the end  to retell the story. We also made masks to represent the characters in the story and the children re-enacted the story to their peers outside in the Foundation Garden.